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eSachiv.com is committed to a high level of client service. This includes clearly communicating the costs associated with the service and the process we use to facilitate payment of fees. Below, please find our process for refund of money for incomplete services/no service.

When a payment of fee is made to eSachiv.com, the fees paid in advance are not earned in advance. eSachiv.com will earn the fees upon working on a client's matter. These fees accrue at different rates and times depending on the performance of service (e.g. obtaining Digital Signature, obtaining DIN, Name Approval, Filing, etc.,). If the client's service order is completed and there are outstanding fees and costs, the client may receive a final invoice from eSachiv.com of these final fees and costs. Alternatively, if the client's matter is completed and all outstanding fees and costs are paid, those monies are considered unearned fees. In the event of case completion, eSachiv.com will promptly returns all the remaining unearned fees to the client. In case, after completion of the services, there is balance fee to be paid by the client, eSachiv.com will raise an invoice and the balance payment will be due immediately.

Refunds are separate from the normal, above process of paying, retaining, earning, and returning service fees. Rather, refunds are typically the result of an incomplete service, accounting error, or other issues relating to the service.

Refund will not be given in the event of non completion of service due to part performance of certain acts required for the completion of said service, on the part of payer / service receiver.

eSachiv.com processes all written requests for refunds. eSachiv.com will review the entire contents of the client's physical, electronic, and billing file when processing the request. Within thirty (30) days, our firm will send a written response denying the request, requesting more information, or granting the request. The decision as to the response remains completely within the discretion of eSachiv.com. Ultimately, at eSachiv.com we would like to avoid the need of ever having to consider a refund. However, we are always aiming to be as transparent in our representation as possible. So we encourage our clients to ask their questions or communicate their concerns to our office immediately. We will then try to answer or address immediately. Such a process also permits our unit to continue to grow and improve its services.
If all the conditions are duly met then refund will be granted to user within
thirty (30) days via. NEFT in the account details provided as well as authorized by the said user.

Users are not entitled to cancel the order & thereby get refunded as per the refund policy of eSachiv.com.

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